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In Europe, adults with Down syndrome contribute to designing their own training program for leisure time

The DS LEISURE European Consortium has involved people with Down syndrome, families, professionals and volunteers in developing the DS LEISURE Methodological Guide. In this respect, each partner country has organized a Co-Creation Working Session and a Co-Validation Working Session with End-Users.

At European level, 115 persons attended the working sessions, among them being 63 adults with Down syndrome, 9 parents, 16 professionals of leisure sectors, 20 educators and 7 volunteers.

In the framework of DS LEISURE project, using the leadership, role-playing, group discussion, interview, dialogue and vote as the main working tools, the attendants have given their consent to train themselves and experience the following leisure areas:

1. Going to the Cinema or Theatre
2. Going to a Restaurant
3. Going to the local sport stadium
4. Going to a concert
5. Going to Disco
6. Going to hairdresser
7. Going shopping
8. Picnic in a park
9. Organizing a party in a club
10. Organizing an afternoon in a tearoom, ice-cream shop or pub.

The DS LEISURE European Consortium thanks to all attendants for their active involvement and the valuable contribution they provided at this stage of the project.
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