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Down Syndrome through Inclusive Leisure (DS Leisure) - 3rd Coordination Meeting in the Netherlands

On September 24 and 25, 2018, Downkids International hosted the third meeting between the six partners participating in the European project DS LEISURE, funded by the European Commission within the ERASMUS+ 2017 Programme, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

The initiative is promoted by the Romanian association ALDO-CET, Asociatia Langdon Down Oltenia, Centrul Educational Teodora; Downkids International is one of the partner organisations.
DS LEISURE aims to increase the skills, abilities and knowledge of people with Down syndrome and their surroundings, family members, professionals and volunteers, on how to develop inclusive leisure time, through an innovative training programme.
The 3rd coordination meeting, held in Haarlem at Stichting de Baan, was important to validate our person centered train the trainer program, workbook, training materials and experiential training.
Two professionals from each Partner practiced the dialogue technique. This is the underlying work form of the training in which people learn how to express themselves. The train the trainer program is directed to three main competences to develop:
1. Asking open questions, such as who; which; what or how. Participants worked on a specific theme,
in groups of 3 persons with different roles, as follows: facilitator, explorer and observer.
2. Dealing with ideas flow. Participants worked in a common group.
3. Making and justifying own choice. Specific games practiced.
120 persons with Down syndrome, families, support professionals and 40 professionals of Leisure Sector will be trained using this technique.
This training is written for promoting and strengthening self-management when performing leisure activities for people with Down Syndrome giving them the opportunity to create their own path.
There is given a start to the development of the e_learning platform through which the whole training will become available for anyone interested to use it.

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