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13 young people with Down Syndrome enrolled in the ALDO-CET, experience the DS LEISURE Training Program in Romania

The European DS LEISURE consortium has published the training materials for improving the quality of life of people with Down syndrome through inclusive leisure time.

ALDO-CET Romania has launched the e-learning platform and experimental activities for organizing and spending leisure time in inclusive leisure environments. The launch was carried out through two workshops, one for people with Down syndrome and their parents and one for professionals.

In order to acquire the skills required for personal use of the e-learning platform, the training program is carried out in mixed teams, each person with Down syndrome being supported by a volunteer student from the University of Craiova.

3 working sessions were organized for the parents of people with Down syndrome enrolled in program, in order to be able to give them support if it is the case, when they want to use the e-platform at home.

13 young Romanians with Down syndrome together with 13 volunteer students learn and experiment 10 leisure activities: sports, going to a museum, shopping, at the stadium, at the picnic, organizing a party, at the concert, at the disco, at the ice-cream shop, at the restaurant and hairdresser.

Learning and development of knowledge and transversal skills are in fact an opportunity for joy and unique memories.



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